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Mainly based in Weston-super-Mare, but we also offer walks in Axbridge on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday afternoons.

With Adoggo, you can forget all about feeling bad or guilty, not being able to give your dog the desired amount of mental stimulation and exercise. I can help improve the quality of life for your dog.

In my company, your dog will get the chance to socialise, use up lots of energy, and not have to stay at home alone for hours on end. You'll return home to a tired, but happy and well stimulated dog. We offer Solo Walks (on their own or with another dog from the same home) or Group Walks (with other well suited dogs).

On our walks, your dog will get plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. I will take care of the transportation, fresh water and treats. I will collect and return your dog(s), from/to the agreed address at no extra cost.

When we're back, I make sure that your dog has got fresh water and/or anything additional we may have agreed as part of our service. Your dog will also get an "until next time"-highfive.


To join the Group Walks, your dog(s) must possess basic obedience, be friendly and able to hang out with other dogs. For our Solo Walks, we're happy to walk all dogs - Any Age, Any Size, Any Energy Level (as long as they are not aggressive).

Puppies under the age of 6 months are not able to join our Social Walks, as the older, larger dogs may play a little too rough. We do offer Puppy & Senior Walks as well, which are the same as our Solo Walks, but tailored to your dog's needs.

Dogs should be neutered/spayed where possible.


To make sure we start off on the right paw, before we start our services, I will come by your house for a Meet & Greet. Then you and your dog can get to know me, and make sure we're a great fit.

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Call, Text or WhatsApp: 07434 872 377


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